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What to do with all the new free time at home? Try out these free matches!

Staying safe? Keep shooting all month in our special online shooting event! Enjoy the sport you love every day while social distancing, in home, back yard, or any legal shooting space on Earth. Click Here!

For USAS members score submission to USAS will be made after each round. Membership with USAS is NOT required in order to participate.
While your kids are home with you, teach them to shoot with our plinking matches! Download and print a special target which they can use to shoot at any distance with anything that can make a hole or a mark on paper. Take a picture and upload it to share with everyone. This is free and for kids of all ages, even grandpa! Shoot and share as much as you like!

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2 Week Elimination Championship Match
January 1 - January 14, 2021
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2021 Winter League
January 25 - March 7, 2021

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July 26 - September 5, 2021

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November 1 - December 12, 2021

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Other Leagues We Host

 NRA Sanctioned
2020 IERPA Rifle and Pistol Tournament
First Targets Due January 14, 2020
  2020 ISRPA Rifle and Pistol Tournament
First Targets Due January 12, 2020
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2020 Fall League - Championship Week

"Short Course Matches"
5 Week League
November 29 - December 13, 2020

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Latest Results
2020 Fall League
October 26 - December 6, 2020
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Air Pistol
Intermediate Senior
  Scott Duthie
  Aggregate: 1330 12x    Average: 266.00, 5 of 5 completed
  Luiz Bizaio
  Aggregate: 1316 33x    Average: 263.20, 5 of 5 completed
Intermediate Senior
  Lee Blauvelt
  Aggregate: 1277 12x    Average: 255.40, 5 of 5 completed
Precision Pistol (Bullseye) - Camp Perry Course
  Michael Corey
  Aggregate: 1414 34x    Average: 282.80, 5 of 5 completed
Precision Pistol (Bullseye) - NRA National Match Course
  Sergey Velichko
  Aggregate: 1403 37x    Average: 280.60, 5 of 5 completed
50 Foot Standard Pistol
  Sergey Velichko
  Aggregate: 1337    Average: 267.40, 5 of 5 completed
Standing Air Rifle
J3 / Sub Junior
  Grayson Ellis
  Aggregate: 1459 81x    Average: 291.80, 5 of 5 completed
Intermediate Senior
  Wesley Shumaker
  Aggregate: 1394 27x    Average: 278.80, 5 of 5 completed
  Luiz Bizaio
  Aggregate: 1313 43x    Average: 262.60, 5 of 5 completed
50 Foot Metric Prone Smallbore Rifle
Intermediate Senior
  Wesley Shumaker
  Aggregate: 1487 40x    Average: 297.40, 5 of 5 completed
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