Shooters World-Wide are Welcome!
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Membership with NRA, CMP, or USA Shooting is NOT required to participate
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What Is It?

Register now to shoot in your choice of several different disciplines of rifle, pistol, shotgun and archery. It works like this:

  1. Shoot individually or gather your friends and form teams of any size at no charge.
  2. Shoot your targets each week at your local or home range.
  3. Log in and enter or import scores here.
  4. Follow along as we reveal the results after each week's deadline.
  5. After 5 weeks, the winners are determined by aggregate score.
  6. The top 8 shooters enter week 6, a bonus championship round
We'll be awarding custom designed Net Competitor League medals, challenge coins and plaques to the top shooters. You can compete in your favorite event or shoot in them all!

We'll also be offering 2 combo matches for individuals! Click the "Combo Matches" tab for more details.

  • Course of fire listed is based on score entry, e.g., 3x10 is 30 shots entered as 3 scores of 10 shots each.
  • 50 Yard Smallbore matches may be shot as 50 Meters using the A50 target.
  • All matches may be shot using any sights, except when submitting scores for sanctioning, where sight rules do apply.
  • The matches may be shot with Precision or Sporter equipment.
  • Firing ahead and submitting scores in advance is allowed.
  • If you are shooting other matches you may submit those scores for the Net Competitor League, as long as they comply with the league rules.
  • Submissions for NRA, CMP, and USA Shooting members are accepted for record.